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The specialists in home and workspace comfort.

HVAC Units

We can install rooftop units, or split systems, providing complete control on the temperature of your office or plant.

Our state-of-the-art units, built by the most recognized manufacturers on the market, will provide you with substantial energy savings.

Call on our qualified team, familiar with all the regulations and laws in force, ensuring peace of mind.

Refrigerated Rooms

You need a cold room? Our experts will be able to install and build the refrigerated room, using the most efficient materials and insulation on the market, ensuring a perfect seal that will reduce refrigeration costs to a minimum.

Regardless of the type of food industry (grocery store, supermarket, convenience store, butcher’s shop, florist, etc.), our adapted solutions will meet your needs.

Air Cooled Chillers

Manufacturing plants frequently require centralized chilling systems for their processes.

Let our team, install premier industrial air cooled chiller units,  piping and controls, allowing you to set a threshold from which the device will go into operation.

This provides you with a cost effective solution, that meets the requirements of your factory.

Server Rooms

Every IT department knows how important the cooling of server rooms is. Overheating an  IT infrasttructure could lead to hardware failures and damaged equipment.

Wheter it is for a data center, or a simple server room at the office, our team will design, plan and install the ideal solution to provide complete control over the room temperature.