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The specialists in home and workspace comfort.


Established more than 100 years ago, this outstanding manufacturer has developed effective technologies and appliances known to save up to 62% energy compared to competition.

 Our team installs any components required for you project, residential or commercial.

Trane® Residential Catalog

Wall Mounted

Trane® wall mounted air conditioners and heat pumps allow to control the temperature of a zone. This line of product is very popular in residential projects.

Air Conditioners

Trane® air conditioners are top of the line units that will provide comfort all year long. Their line of AC offers a wide range of units that are efficient, quiet and affordable.


Trane® furnaces offers total total control off warmth by offering up to 97.3% AFUE. Don’t be affraid of winter with a quiet furnace from Trane®.

Air Handlers

Trane® air handlers from the M series and the HyperionTM series offer optimal efficiency while eliminating condensation. Trane’s air handlers can be paired with an air conditioner, furnace or heat pump.

Heat Pumps

Trane® heat pumps offer the best of both world. It provides cooling during heat season, or warmth during cold season. The line of unit includes top of the line features, such as controlled speed and up to 20 SEER.


Trane® wide range of thermostats allow to control the temperature, setting schedules, and some use a smart phone application providing remote control.


Although Carrier® is recognized as a leader for commercial rooftop units, its catalog contains line of residential units. This century old american based company is serving in 170 countries. 

Your critical projects, large or small, are in good hands with our experts, that will design and implement the best solution following nowadays complex regulation.

Carrier® Residential Catalog

Air Conditioners

The Carrier Infinity® air conditionner line, which can be combined to the Infinity® control, offers quiet ennergy efficient units than can provide up to 21 SEER, for the best comfort.

Heat Pump

The Carrier Infinity® heat pump line, which can integrate the Greenspeed® intelligence, offers units that can efficiently be used in both cooling and heating mode.

Wall Mounted

Carrier® wall mounted air conditioners and heat pumps allow to control the temperature of a zone. This line of product is very popular in residential projects.


The Carrier top-of-the-line Infinity® series, the quiet PerformanceTM series and the cost saving ComfortTM series furnaces answer any needs for the Quebec’s winters.

Wi-Fi® Thermostats

Carrier  Wi-Fi® thermostats allows complete control of the entire house temperature with just a  touch of your finger, either through the thermostat display, your phone, or your tablet.


The MyInfinitySM allows the complete control of your house comfort from a simple portal, accessible over the Internet, wherever you are on the planet.

Carrier® Commercial Catalog

Rooftop Units

Carrier® A series rooftop pre-tested units are are available in Constant Volume (CV), Staged Air Volume (SAV), or Variable Air Volume (VAV) applications.

Air-Cooled Chillers

The Carrier AquaSnap® and the AquaForce® series air-cooled chillers offer a capacity of up to 500 tons using non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

Air Handlers

The Carrier Aero®  Series will fit your needs with its compact or customized air handlers. These units provide all the highly customizable features you require.

Split Systems

The Carrier Gemini® series split system combine easy to maintain outdoor air conditioners or heat pumps with indoor air handlers, ensuring evenly distributed air where it is needed. 

Ductless Systems

Carrier® easy to install ductless systems allow to cool or heat a single zone or multiple zones. This flexible solution can be designed and zoned to meet you needs. 

Commercial Refrigeration

Carrier® offers a wide variety of commercial refrigeration solutions. You need a refrigerator or a freezer room? We got you covered.


Cryo-Air joined the Home Depot® authorized HVAC service partner program

As of April 2019, Cryo-Air became a Home Depot® autorized HVAC service partner for its store on Beaubien in Montreal. Every unit sold by the store is installed by Cryo-Air. This allows you to buy the desired unit from your Home Depot® store and leverage our top quality service and experience for the installation.  

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Surveys show that customers are inclined to buy from Home Depot® for many reasons. Here are a few:

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